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Child Physicals

Why Are Child Physicals Important?

Physicals are important for children and parents, as they give both an opportunity to assess growth and development. Physicals give the pediatrician insight into family dynamics and the environment in which the child is growing and learning. They also allow parents to ask questions about raising their children in a safe and healthy way.

Your child should get physicals once a year even if they seem healthy as children change so often both physically and mentally. It is important to check on how your child is being affected with changes in their bodies, minds, and environments.

Children grow and develop rapidly over short periods of time. With this, infants should be seen shortly after birth, then at two weeks and again at one month of age. Once a child is two months of age, they should be seen every two months until they reach six months old. Then, every three months until they reach 18 months. Then, every six months until the child is three years old and annually thereafter. With the guidance of the parent and the pediatrician, children can be properly looked after and cared for to keep them healthy and happy.

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