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Diabetes Specialist

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In the United States alone, over 30 million adults have diabetes. Because diabetes has serious health implications and can increase your risk of other diseases, Javier Rios, MD, and his team at Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar offer lifestyle coaching and diabetes wellness management plans that they tailor to you and your health. Book your diabetes evaluation by calling the Tucson, Arizona, practice or book an appointment online today.

Diabetes Q & A

What causes diabetes?

Diabetes is an umbrella term for several conditions that lead to high blood sugar (glucose). With Type 1 diabetes, for instance, your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, which is the hormone that aids in glucose absorption. 

In many cases, this type of diabetes stems from genetic traits or environmental issues. Type 1 diabetes — nicknamed “juvenile diabetes” — usually begins in childhood, although adults can develop it, too, often because of acute viral infections that damage the pancreas. 

But you can also develop Type 2 diabetes, which is more common in adulthood. This form of diabetes occurs when insulin doesn’t work correctly — your body becomes resistant to it — or because you don’t produce enough insulin. 

In many cases, Type 2 diabetes is linked to being overweight, although it’s also possible for inherited traits to increase your risk.

Does diabetes cause symptoms?

Yes. The surges in blood sugar wreak havoc on your body and lead to widespread issues, which may include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Ravenous appetite
  • Unexplained weight loss 
  • Slow-healing wounds 
  • Tingling or numbness in your limbs
  • Increased urination and thirst
  • Vision problems, including blurriness 

These symptoms aren’t just a concern because they can lower your quality of life; rather, they’re indicators that high glucose is starting to affect vital organs and biological processes. 

Because poorly managed diabetes can lead to irreversible damage and severe health concerns, come in to Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar to get started on a personalized management plan. 

How do I manage my diabetes?

Your provider evaluates your entire personal and family medical history and performs a comprehensive examination to determine the severity of your diabetes and any related damage. They counsel you about your condition and educate you about how to manage diabetes. 

To keep your diabetes under control and reduce your risk of complications, the team provides:

  • Meal planning 
  • Insulin injection planning
  • Weight loss management 
  • At-home blood sugar monitoring counseling
  • Medications to enhance insulin function (for Type 2 diabetes)

Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar offers ongoing lifestyle coaching to help you learn proper diet and exercise tools you can incorporate into your daily life. They have you check in to the office regularly to monitor your health and encourage you to adhere to your personalized recommendations.

If you have diabetes, you can expect comprehensive care at Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar. Find out more about diabetes management care by booking an exam over the phone today.