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Ultrasounds Specialist

Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar

A Private Medical Practice located in Santa Cruz Plaza, Tucson, AZ

Unlike other types of medical imaging, an ultrasound allows you to see images of your internal body in real-time. At Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar in Tucson, Arizona, Javier Rios, MD, and his team use ultrasound technology to view your internal organs and blood flow. For more information about ultrasound imaging and how it can aid in your treatment, call Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar or book an appointment online today.

Ultrasounds Q & A

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are diagnostic tools that use soundwave technology to generate images of your internal organs. During the non-invasive procedure, a transducer also referred to as an ultrasound wand, sends high-frequency sound waves through your body. These soundwaves then bounce back to the transducer and are then sent to a computer that uses the information to generate images of your organs that are displayed on a computer monitor.

Ultrasounds are considered a safe diagnostic test and generally require very little if any, preparation. 

Why would I need an ultrasound?

The team at Clinica Medica Familiar can explain why you would need an ultrasound during your appointment. The noninvasive test may be recommended to help diagnose the underlying cause of your various symptoms, such as pain or swelling, or to find the source of infection. Ultrasounds are also used during pregnancy to evaluate the baby’s health and growth.

The team may also suggest an ultrasound to evaluate your internal organs, including your heart, gallbladder, bladder, kidneys, pancreas, or liver. Women benefit from ultrasound testing to identify gynecological conditions such as uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.

The soundwave technology is also used to help guide various procedures, such as a biopsy or a joint injection.

What happens during an ultrasound?

The specifics of your ultrasound depend on the reason you need the diagnostic test, as well as the area of your body being evaluated. The team at Clinica Medica Familiar provides details of what you can expect during your ultrasound prior to the test, how to prepare, and what happens after you’ve completed the test. 

The in-office procedure is painless and noninvasive. Depending on the area of your body being evaluated, the team may request that you change into an exam gown. Before your ultrasound begins, the ultrasound technician applies a special gel to your skin that helps direct the soundwaves and assist with the movement of the wand.

After your ultrasound, the team reviews the results with you and provides recommendations based on the findings. There’s no downtime following your ultrasound, so you can resume your usual day after the test unless otherwise directed.

For comprehensive care that includes in-office ultrasound testing so you get the answers you need quickly, call the Clinica Medica Familiar office most convenient to you or request an appointment online today. 





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