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Benefits from using Telemedicine

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Telemedicine is also known as telehealth, these services allow a doctor to provide healthcare via a phone video call without the need to visit our facility.

To help protect yourself, your loved ones, and our staff, please do not visit our facilities without an appointment. You are able to get quality care from the comfort of your home using this fantastic method.

  • Fast way to see your doctor virtually - Doctors are able to communicate through VIDEO or PHONE call in real-time.

  • You receive medical advice anytime, anywhere, without leaving the comfort of your home - You no longer have to commute to the doctor's office, stay safe and receive care at home.

  • Healthcare visits are a lot safer, easier, and faster. - No wait time or line or transportation constraint issues.

  • Easy access- Have a virtual appointment by using a smartphone, tablet, and device with internet and a camera.

  • Cost-effective- Saves you time and money

  • Most insurances pay for this service.

In order to help stop the spread of the flu and COVID, Clinica Medica Familiar is NOW offering Telemedicine (Telehealth/video call). Please call us at 520-257-4907 to explain more details of this awesome service we are providing.


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